Steel structures, fences, bridges and much more!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Order as specialized services such as production platforms floating with installation, steel structure production halls, roofs with installation, design and manufacture of fences, railings, purification by means of blasting, powder coating is one of the most important decisions that have a significant impact on the normal course of investment.

Experience in the steel industry, extensive knowledge and practical skills determine the timeliness of the order and the quality of the result.

The order of these steps the company of “Liberska DB Wioleta Liberska” that  is a decision which will pay off in the future!



Our mission is to manufacture and deliver quality, safe and environmentally friendly products and services. Safety and work culture and continuous improvement of quality performance of products and services stimulates the optimal use of existing potential manufacturing to achieve full satisfaction of our customers.


We want to be perceived as an innovative enterprise, flexible, enjoying a reputation as one of the leaders in the manufacturing and services high-tech steel and metal processing.


We strive to act in accordance with the principles of professionalism, customer satisfaction and reliability, as well as mutual respect and cooperation on the principles of business ethics “win-win” which means that “we all win.”

History and goodwill “Liberska”

The company has already started its activities in 1982 under the name “Locksmithery” and its ancestor and the owner was Leszek Liberski.

The year 1996 brought significant changes in the business. They expanded it and increase range of its activities. Since that time the company operated in its activities as “Locksmiths Boilerwork and Building- Leszek Liberski.” Since 2009, the daughter of the owner of the company – Wioletta Liberska broadened the scope of business and established a daughter company “Liberska”, whose services and products are now continuous improvements, modifications and changes according to the prevailing trends and technology development.

Currently, the basic profile of the company are the work of implementing specialized work in the steel industry. The company has a wide range of expertise among others in metalworking as a slide, large-sized powder or sand blasting. For these and other specialties are used strictly selected. Once tested tools and technologies and specialized equipment remained. Everything requires selection of suitably qualified and experienced personnel staff.

Each of our client is treated individually because we fill the orders and special requirements of our customers. Work and commitment to our passion A high standards are already the norm, Which created a long tradition of Companies, consistently raising the level and standards of offered services.

Our primary goal is to satisfy the needs and satisfaction of every customer.  For this reason we continuously participate in training and  to gain new qualifications and experience not only but above all the confidence of increasingly wider base of our customers.