A wide range of professional services

We service sanding elements such as:

  • metal parts,
  • steel structures,
  • facades of buildings,
  • car Rims,
  • wooden elements.

For the service we have expertly fitted position for blasting – by various abrasive.

The use of beads of different grain size during surface treatment operations aligns its smoothness, glazes creating a unique visual effect and prevents the deposition of dirt. Slide apply to non-metallic elements, eg. Rubber parts, wood and aluminum, brass, bronze, and derivatives of these metals.

Painting can be made in any color of your choice, RAL.

We offer the possibility of contracting specific effects:

  • thick structure,
  • small structure
  • the effect of “antique”
  • gloss: full, semi-gloss and mat.

Our hardware facilities is equipped with a special furnace used for heating, and its dimensions are 10 000mm x 2100mm x 1250mm. The company’s achievements in the field of powder coating were highlighted at the 17th Chodzież Fair .


For professional contractor services we use modern burner plasma – gas, numerically controlled (CNC).

In the field of plasma cutting we offer cut sheet black steel and stainless steel sheets with dimensions of 3000mm x 1500mm, with an accuracy of 1.0 mm. The thickness of the sheet are respectively 12mm for black sheet and 8mm for stainless steel.

In terms of services, gas cutting cut sheet black to a thickness of 130mm on metal sheets with dimensions of 3000mm x 1500mm.

We undertake execution of heavy and complicated work with a specialized crane systems:

• crane HYDROS T-321 with a capacity of 32 t.

We weld:

  • black steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • aluminum,
  • thin galvanized sheets (service call braze welding).

We use for the service welder LORCH S8.

They are fully tested solutions retardants used in construction and having a significant impact on raising the level of fire safety in the facility.

We provide their expert installation and commissioning by licensed workers.

Is a modern solution used in the construction of ports and marinas, as well as bathing and floating breakwaters. They are much more resistant to external factors and functional due to its flexibility.

We offer a comprehensive service, from the design of the steel, by its construction, finishing and assembly. We work with modern, ensuring full security for both ongoing operations and made by us ready-made elements.

The attractiveness of our offer is the result of cooperation between a large group of specialists in the field of metalwork, boilermakers and construction.

We ensure that the strict focus on the needs and expectations of the customer and quick response to changing trends in the industry puts us far above the competition.

Our bridges are characterized by durability and reliability design, so they are reliable and always fulfill their utilitarian function.

Steel chimneys are independent chimney systems that do not require additional protection and can be located against a wall or other devices inside and outside the building.

Steel chimneys are used for flue gas from boilers and heating fuels such as coal, had, wood, oil, gas and other energy solid fuel. Insulated chimneys are used in residential construction and in industry. Chimneys are fully resistant to weather conditions. They provide a safe temperature of external walls, are non-flammable and safe in case of fire soot and resistant to the condensate drain.

Pallet collars and baskets are made from a material properly secured and strength. On request, they are powder-coated or galvanized. Their robust design ensures long-term protection against rust and mechanical damage during operation. Metal pallets are an alternative to wooden pallets, they are characterized by long life, strength and load capacity. Our offer includes products offered in standard sizes or the other according to the needs and expectations of the recipient. We pallets, collars and baskets also by. customer designs.